My Fats Translator

Updated:Jun 14,2013

Now that you know more about fats, are you wondering how to keep them in check? Here you can get recommendations designed specifically for you. This easy-to-use tool calculates your personalized:
  • daily calorie needs
  • recommended range for total fats
  • limits for bad fats: saturated and trans
Simply enter your information in the upper right.
(3 or older)

*Physical Activity Level:
Sedentary: Typical daily living activities (e.g., household tasks, walking to the bus)Low Active: Sedentary plus 30 to 60 minutes of moderate daily activity (e.g., brisk walking)Active: Low active plus at least 60 minutes of moderate daily activity (e.g., brisk walking)Very Active: Active plus an additional 60 minutes of vigorous activity (e.g., jogging, biking) or 120 minutes of moderate activity (e.g., brisk walking)