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Updated:Jul 21,2014

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Want to know how to kick industrially produced (artificial) trans fat out of your restaurant’s kitchen?  If so, you’re not alone. Since Americans started learning more about trans fat and asking about its use in restaurants, a growing number of restaurants have stopped using oils and fats containing trans fat in their kitchens. In addition, several city and county governments have passed regulations limiting the amount of trans fat that can be contained in restaurant foods. Many more are evaluating similar regulatory proposals.

To help you make a decision about reducing or eliminating trans fat, check out these resources for restaurant professionals. And see how you can keep your customers satisfied while treating them to heart-healthy alternatives.

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Operating Tips

This section shares operating tips we’ve compiled with the help of restaurant operators.   Learn more about finding and replacing trans fat in your menu items.
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0 Grams Trans Fat Oils & Fats

This section shows 0 grams trans fat product profiles for frying, margarine spreads and baking. 
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Restaurant FAQs

Check out these questions and answers to help you phase out industrially produced trans fat in your kitchen.


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