Public Service Announcements

The American Heart Association is a content-sensitive advertiser.  Our public service announcements should not be downloaded or used by any media entity that is publicly positioned against any ethnic, religious or political group, includes adult sexual content or promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco or candy.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Types of Media

Video PSAs are available for the campaigns and topics below. These anchor links will take you to the page that displays these PSAs, but for viewing purposes only.  These digital files are not broadcast quality; however, you can reference the product number next to each PSA when ordering a broadcast quality Beta through our Workflow service. If a digital version is sufficient, click on the link (the name of the file format), and a download dialog box will open.  From there you can save the file to your computer.

Go Red For WomenWalk!
High Blood PressureCPR
Heart AttackStroke Early Response

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