Words from the Heart - Jeremy Beauchamp

Updated:Oct 6,2015

Passion Title
I work for an organization with a great purpose and mission. Heart disease affects my family, and working at the American Heart Association is a perfect fit for me personally. I also have a passion for the culture here — it’s always changing. The American Heart Association is a fast-moving, open organization where anyone can come up with a good idea, and it will be heard. It’s incredible how much impact an individual can have in such a large organization.

Growth Title
The American Heart Association provides many opportunities to grow your career and learn on the job. The organization attracts volunteers who are among the most successful in their fields who are always willing to support you as a staff person. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the nation’s most notable physicians and scientists including a Nobel Prize winner, as well as some of the brightest business minds who lead some of the world largest companies. As staff of the American Heart Association, we have a level of access to these individuals as partners that few others have.

Pulse Title
I believe the pulse of the American Heart Association comes from the partnership between the volunteers and staff. One cannot successfully exist without the other. As staff, we are charged with recruiting and developing relationships with volunteers who are passionate about our organization. Having the opportunity to partner with such passionate volunteers is a constant reminder of how important our work is to all Americans.

Rhythm Title
My job is all about ensuring that our staff and volunteer teams have the tools and strategies to be successful. I work to build the partnership between staff and volunteers so that we are able to achieve our goals. I can say at the end of every day that I did something to bring us closer to achieving our goals and those goals translate into lives saved.

Career Progression Title
Jeremy has been with the American Heart Association since 2002:
Corporate Events Director, Midwest Affiliate
Senior Corporate Events Director, Greater Midwest Affiliate
Executive Director, Greater Midwest Affiliate
Senior Vice President, Development, Greater Midwest Affiliate
Senior Vice President, Field Operations, Greater Southeast Affiliate
Executive Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Affiliate