Why It's Great to Work at AHA

Updated:Sep 10,2014

The American Heart Association will challenge you and help motivate you to make a difference. You will be a part of something big whether you are a fundraiser or an administrative assistant, you will be part of something big. Find an organization that can say that and back it up. Learn from some of the 3,300 employee that do each and every day.

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Family is Why
“AHA gives me the opportunity to share the knowledge I gain working here with family members to help improve their lives. Healthy families = happy families that share active, quality time."
Toiya, Communications Director

Being Happy is Why
"You should always work for a organization, where you are happy and the work they do is ethical and beneficial to human kind. I took that to heart when I started working at the American Heart Association!"
Taslim, Data Services Analyst

My Encouraging Manager is Why
"There is a sense of empowerment I start to feel walking in the doors. From my department's encouragements to our wellness programs, we are always inspired to be better, healthier and to voice our opinions. I am honored to be a part of the AHA/ASA."
Patty, Graphic Designer

The Culture is Why
" The guiding principles and culture match my personal values. I am surrounded by colleagues and volunteers that I care deeply about and who genuinely care about me. I have been with AHA for 20 years as the work fits with my gifts and talent, and I find the work challenging, evolving and very rewarding. "
- Debbie, Senior Executive Director

Diversity, Work-Life Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

We have long known that races, ethnicities, genders, religions, ages, sexual orientations, national origins and disabilities create a cultural diversity in the workplace but all of these characteristics also promote diversity of thought and innovation. Since 1924 a handful of pioneering physicians began conducting studies on heart disease and since that date, through innovation and diverse forward thinking, the American Heart Association is now the leader in public health education and science.

The American Heart Association is committed to ensuring that our workforce and volunteers reflect America’s diverse population. We know that such diversity will enrich us with the talent, creativity, perspective and inspiration we need to achieve our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

The American Heart Association creates a culture that is open to new ideas and continually works to enhance the quality of life for our employees, volunteers, and communities that we serve. Below are some of the groups that affect diversity inside and outside the organization.

CEO Diversity Advisory Cabinet — Chaired by our CEO, this group of AHA employees makes recommendations on ways to change or improve programs that develop a culturally competent workforce and recognizes Diversity Champions throughout the organization.

Diversity Leadership Committee — The committee facilitates inclusiveness at all levels of the Association, including involvement of all segments of the community in Association activities at all levels and participation of women and minorities in leadership positions.

AHA Affinity Groups — The AHA has several affinity groups that include employees with common perspectives, interests or backgrounds that meet to interact and exchange ideas.

Equal Employment Opportunity — The American Heart Association prohibits any and all types of harassment or discrimination of our employees by other employees or outside parties. Harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, national origin, disability, veteran status or other legally protected status is inappropriate, offensive and will not be tolerated. All employees are responsible for maintaining a positive working environment, free of discrimination and harassment, and free of hostile, threatening or intimidating behavior.

AHA Voted Among Best Nonprofits to Work For
The AHA has been voted among Best Nonprofits To Work For for five consecutive years!  
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