Volunteer Opportunities just for you

Updated:Sep 5,2014

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Volunteer Opportunities Just For You

Someone dies every thirty seconds from heart disease or stroke.  Picture that.  A loved one – a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, friend – who we lose to the leading killer in this country. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this now. 

Heart disease and stroke touch so many of us in a tremendously personal way.  Maybe you’re here because you trust the work of the AHA and want to get more involved or maybe you’re here because you know the difference one person can make.  Whatever your motivation is, thank you for your interest in investing your time and talents in helping the AHA build healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Volunteers are the lifeline of the American Heart Association and help us carry out our mission every day. There are so many ways that you can get involved and we welcome the chance to match opportunities with your areas of greatest interest.

This site connects you with opportunities to volunteer in local field offices to assist with administrative and operational roles.   

We would also be happy to introduce you to other volunteer opportunities across our organization.  Volunteers play vital roles in Advocacy, Science, Fund Raising, Marketing/Communications, Information Technology and more.  Simply share your interests with us for further information or click on local and national events to see what events are coming up in your area and how you can get involved.  You can also contact your local AHA office or fill out our American Heart Association volunteer form.

 American Heart Association Volunteer Form