One Small Change

Cook County families are suffering from rising rates of preventable, chronic diseases linked to sugar overconsumption such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and tooth decay. Cook County is standing up to this epidemic by enacting the Sweetened Beverage Tax that will improve the physical health of our children and communities.  

Sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugar in American diets. That's why the American Heart Association continues to support the Sweetened Beverage Tax in Cook County. Research has shown that such a tax combats climbing rates of chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Success in Philly, Berekley & Mexico

There is mounting evidence proving that taxing sugary drinks is an effective , healthy solution, in fact, economists assert that a decrease in sugary-drink consumption results in no harm to the economy.

  • In Philadelphia, wages from restaurant and beverage industry employers rose by 14%.
  • Berkeley, CA has raised $1.5M in revenue from a similar drink tax, some of which is being used to promote nutrition and physical activity in schools.
  • After passing a sugary drink tax, Mexico experienced a drop in morbidity and morality from diabetes and heart disease.

A Tax For Good

  • The tax is estimated to generate more than $200M in revenue for Cook County in the first full year of implementation.
  • Revenue from the tax will help to balance the budget, ensuring that Cook County can provide residents with essential services such as public safety and healthcare.
  • The budget includes funds for diabetes awareness and new lifestyle centers for nutrition and physical activity. 
  • Approximately $250,000 of the revenue is dedicated to community health and prevention initiatives in suburban Cook County.  

Your Drink. Your Choice.

With a budget deficit looming, the county was faced with making significant cuts to crucial county programs, job losses, service cuts or a new property tax. Instead, the Sweetened Beverage Tax provides the much-needed revenue while still giving residents the choice to opt out with their drink choices. It's good for the community, and ultimately the community's health.

Healthier Options Not Included:

  • 100% natural fruit/vegetable juice, syrup and powder with no added sweetener
  • Milk, soy, rice or similar milk substitutes that are the primary ingredient (50% or more)
  • Unsweetened drinks such as tea, coffee and sparkling water
  • Infant formula
  • Beverages for medical use





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