Support Your Community

Updated:Oct 28,2013

Your support makes our work possible. But how much of your donation stays in your community?

75 cents of every dollar you give stays in our seven affiliates. 

Those offices, or affiliates, are each charged with the programs, operations, and research occurring at our 2,000 local organizations.  Each affiliate decides where in their region its money and resources will make the most difference.  Regional offices provide service support for smaller local offices so that everyone is represented.

Affiliates use approximately 60 cents of the 75 cents they receive to fund the programs and operations in your region. This means the Heart Walks, Go Red For Women Luncheons, Jump Rope For Heart events, and other mission-supporting programs in your area are funded using the money you’ve donated.

The affiliates designate the remaining 15 cents of each donated dollar for local research.  We use your money to fund basic and clinical science helping people in your area find new ways to keep you and your loved ones healthy and free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Recent local research has led to breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluding stents.  Your research dollars help develop early career investigators-- individuals who generate the highest quality research to benefit you. 

The 25 cents of your dollar that remain at the National Center is used for national expenses.
One half of it is reserved for national programs.  You benefit from smoke free legislations and school lunch regulations created by our advocacy work in Washington D.C.  Your children may be safer because our volunteers trained your babysitters to perform CPR.  Your loved ones will receive top-level health care because our Get With The Guidelines initiative promotes consistent quality improvement in hospitals. 

The other 13 cents goes to fund the national research projects we are deeply committed to.  Only the federal government funds more cardiovascular research than we do.  We reserve as much of your dollar as we can for research, and it pays off.  Your donations towards research have resulted in nine Nobel Prize winners.