Stroke Awareness Toolkit


Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke — and if a stroke doesn’t kill, it may cause physical or mental disability.  Stroke can happen to anyone, at any time  - from the elderly to middle aged adults to infants.  

Learn how to recognize risk factors and warning signs and what to do if you think you or someone you love is experiencing this medical emergency.  Remember -- time lost is brain lost - act fast to get help.  Call 9-1-1 immediately.  You and your loved ones will be glad you did.

Let's Talk About StrokeLet's Talk About Stroke
Downloadable patient information sheets that relate to stroke prevention and life after stroke. Some topics are also available in Español.

 My Life Check 
To learn how to strive for ideal health to reduce the risk of stroke.

Stroke Connection Magazine
Stroke Connection magazine has a wealth of information for those recovering from stroke. Individual subscriptions are free for the first six issues with no obligation to buy in the future. Become a subscriber today!

 Power To End Stroke
African-Americans have high rates of stroke risk factors, including family history of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. Learn more about African-Americans’ risk for stroke.
 May is Stroke Month!
Stroke affects people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.  Take this month to educate yourself and those you love about stroke.
  Stroke Media Materials
Tools to help spread awareness of stroke.


Learn more about stroke at


Stroke Family Caregivers

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Calling all Stroke Family Caregivers:
Take care of yourself while you take care of your loved ones. Find tips and tools on our Stroke Caregivers website.

Stories of Hope

Meet Our Survivor


Three-day-old Mairead Hickok overcomes stroke and is now her mom's 'hero'.
Read her remarkable story.


Three-day-old Mairead Hickok overcomes stroke and is now her mom's 'hero'.
Read her remarkable story.

For Support Group Leaders

Stroke support groups offer survivors, their caregivers and other family members  the opportunity to share concerns and support each other. They unite around their common experiences and find positive solutions.

Find out more about starting, maintaining or registering a group in our national stroke group database.