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The American Heart Association is committed to helping educate the community we serve about cardiovascular disease and stroke. Please read the following before completing the health fair request form below.

Submission, Review and Approval Process:

  • All organizations approaching the American Heart Association with a community event/health fair request must fill out a copy of our request form.
  • We ask that organizations submit requests at least six (6) weeks in advance of your event.
  • American Heart Association participation at your event is based on staff and/or volunteer availability. There are no guarantees for attendance, although we will make every effort to accommodate you.
  • Upon receiving your completed request, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to confirm whether or not we will be able to participate in your event.
  • If we are unable to attend, you are encouraged to use the printable materials that are offered on this website for free.
  • Questions about our Community Event/Health Fair request process may be directed to Charmie Cuthbert at

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Cardiovascular - Information on cardiovascular disease: signs and symptoms of a heart attack, risk factors for CV disease, cholesterol and blood pressure management, and information on healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Living - Information on heart healthy eating, weight loss for youth and adults, and how to start a safe and effective exercise program.

Stroke - Information on the risk factors and steps to take to prevent stroke.

Women and Cardiovascular Disease - Information specific to women and cardiovascular disease.

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You will be notified shortly regarding the status of your request. Thank you.