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Updated:Dec 11,2014

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Reach out. Empower. Dedicate.

Thank you for your interest in the Go Red Girlfriends initiative. Your dedication to the mission of the American Heart Association and the Go Red For Women® movement is inspiring! 

Why Go Red Girlfriends?
As theNo. 1 killer of women, heart disease claims the life of nearly one woman every minute. But that doesn’t need to be the case. We believe that, with awareness and education, we can keep thousands of women from dying each year. Go Red For Women® encourages women to connect with each other to educate and empower themselves to make choices to reduce their personal risk of heart disease. We can work together to raise important funds that will help further the mission, that will ensure important medical research to educate all women about this disease.

The Go Red Girlfriends initiative ignites passion, provides educational resources and celebrates women's heart health in an intimate setting. Go Red Girlfriends parties are a catalyst for conversations about women and heart disease, and inspire women to become involved with the mission of the American Heart Association. 

How Do I Get Involved?
Go Red Girlfriends is a party with a purpose! Party guests join their hostess and girlfriends for a fun evening that may include heart healthy cooking demonstrations, education about heart health and wellness, fun physical activities like yoga or Pilates or personal stories from heart survivors. Guests will be given opportunities to contribute to the mission of the American Heart Association and learn about the difference their donations make in their own communities.   Funds raised by the events support efforts to educate women on heart disease while contributing to groundbreaking American Heart Association research. 

Where Can I Get More Information?
Access the Go Red Girlfriends Party toolkit guide to provide you with the resources to host a successful Go Red Girlfriends party  including healthy recipes, nutrition and exercise tips, and much more useful information.

The 2014 Go Red Girlfriends Join Me tool provides personal and team fundraising pages, email, and social networking tools to assist the American Heart Association and the Go Red Girlfriends fundraising effort.

To learn more, contact us at GoRedGirlfriends@heart.org or by calling 614-396-4410 for more information on how you can host a Go Red Girlfriends party.


Go Red Girlfriends