Fellows Research Day - Oral Presentation Guidelines

Updated:Jun 30,2014


  • Oral presentations must be electronic (PowerPoint) in PC/Windows format - no Mac.
  • No MP4 files.....only MP3.
  • Oral presentations must be submitted to Allegheny General Hospital's A/V respresentative, Bob Davis, on the morning of the event.  If questions on presentations, you may email Bob at rdavis@wpahs.org.
  • Oral presentations must be no more than (8) eight minutes in length followed by a (2) two minute question-and-answer session.  An official timer will be seated in the audience holding up signs as to your remaining time - please pay strict attention to your time.
  • If you go over your allotted presentation time, points may be deducted from your score.  To be fair to all presenters, we must keep to our schedule.
  • Arrive the day of your presentation in enough time to discuss any issues with the A/V support team.