Consumer and Patient Education Materials

Updated:Jan 26,2011

Our line of patient and consumer education brochures are for patients and groups at-risk to promote healthy living and managing and preventing disease.  Topics include nutrition and weight management, smoking, cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical activity, controlling risk factors, cardiovascular conditions, treatments, procedures, and stroke.  Whether you're trying to reduce your risk of heart disease or help a loved one recover after surgery, you can benefit from the information.

Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
Has your doctor recommended that you lower your cholesterol, stop smoking, or get more exercise? These American Heart Association health education materials cover many of the topics that involve the key risk factors for heart disease or stroke. more

Risk Assessment, Warning Signs and Actions
Are you at risk for heart attack or stroke? Do you know how to recognize the warning signs and how to respond? These health education materials can help you. more

Conditions, Procedures, and Care
Learn about common cardiovascular conditions from these health education and materials. You can also get advice for helping friends or family members who have recently experienced heart or stroke procedures. more

Some of our materials are also available in Spanish. The topics covered include physical activity, smoking, high blood pressure, cholesterol, nutrition and weight management, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, risk factor management and warning signs and actions. more