American Heart Association Expenditures

Updated:Nov 28,2011

About three-fourths of our funds support research and educational programs. We believe these areas can most benefit the public.

We control our costs to maximize funds available for research and education. The percentage of expenses  for fund raising and management compares favorably with that of other major nonprofit voluntary health organizations.

We follow the standards of accounting and financial reporting for voluntary health and welfare agencies. These are prescribed by the National Health Council, Inc., National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations, Inc., United Way of America, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

American Heart Association fiscal 2007-08 functional expenses and the percentage of the year's total expenses:

Acquire new knowledge through biomedical investigation by providing financial support to academic institutions and scientists.
$168 million 23.2%
Public Health Education
Inform the public about prevention and treatment of CVD and stroke
$275.4 million 38%
Professional Education and Training
Improve knowledge, skills and techniques of health professionals
$92.5 million 12.8%
Community Services
Provide training in emergency aid, blood pressure screenings and other community-wide activities
$23.6 million 3.3%
Management and General
Executive direction, financial management, overall planning and coordination of association activities
$51.7 million 7.1%
Fund Raising
Secure vital financial support from the public
$112.9 million 15.6%
Total fiscal 2007- 08 functional expenses $724.1 million 100%

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