American Heart Association Eat Less Salt & Sample Recipes

Updated:Aug 19,2015
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  American Heart Association Eat Less Salt

To cut down on sodium in your diet, you have to do much more than throw out the salt shaker. You also need to be aware of the sodium “hidden” in everyday foods such as sandwiches, pizza, and soups, which can easily contain all—or much more than—the daily recommended amount of sodium. That’s where American Heart Association Eat Less Salt steps in. With this healthy lifestyle book, you’ll learn how to monitor your current sodium intake, reduce the high-sodium products in your kitchen, read and understand food labels, know which popular foods are salt traps, keep sodium in check while eating out, and plan lower-sodium weekly menus without sacrificing taste. The book also includes 60 lower-sodium high flavor recipes and a toolkit that includes a daily sodium tracker, lists of smart pantry staples and substitutions, and more!

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