American Heart Association Branding FAQ and Contact Information

Updated:Jul 25,2014

Why are we changing our branding again?
By making more of an emotional connection with our audience and clearly and consistently articulating who we are and why our mission is so important, we will be able to a achieve a greater share of the public’s heart and mind.

When will my product have to be branded?
Any new or reprinted product that will be on the shelf starting August 2014 will have to be produced within the new guidelines. From this point on, all newly produced items will reflect the AHA's new branding, life is why, unless special permission has been given to "grandfather in" a piece based on a previous contractual obligation. Do not throw away any printed pieces. Simply apply the new branding when creating new items or others come up for reprint.

How do I get branding approval?
If you are unsure how to apply these guidelines, please email

What if I think my project should be exempt from branding?
All materials using any of AHA or AHA/ASA program or event marks, need approval from the associated Art Director. If you are unsure on appropriate source of approval, please email

What if I decide to take my project outside for design?
Any piece created by or for the AHA will have to go through branding review. Products created by outside vendors are treated the same as those produced internally. Use your Design or Client Services contact to facilitate the branding review. For affiliates, contact your communications Vice President to facilitate the review with your Design or Client Services rep.

What if I don't get branding approval?
As mentioned previously, all AHA products must pass through branding review and be approved prior to final production.

What if I can't afford the artwork changes necessary for the branding?
If cost becomes a problem, a gradual transition phase for all branding should be implemented to ensure compliance as early as possible. We will be glad to work with you on a timeline for this transition. However, in the future, all project managers will be responsible for putting into their budgets those funds that would cover bringing materials into compliance.

What if I don't have time to review the entire guide online? We prefer that each person responsible for creating projects become familiar with the new guidelines. For specific or urgent requests, email and you will be directed to which section/s of the guide apply to your project.

The branding guide sets forth ways to ensure that AHA visual communications have a consistent look and feel. Are there similar guidelines available that will help to secure an appropriate tone and style in written materials?
Yes. See the Writing Style Guide (link to pdf). It sets forth standards to ensure that our written materials achieve the tone and professionalism required by our positioning statement.

Do you have easy-to-use templates that I can work from?
Yes. See the Templates page (**Internal page for AHA staff only**).

You've read about the branding elements and you've seen the templates. Any other questions? To inquire about a specific design question or to further explore the content you have read on this site, please email