Teacher Resources

Updated:Jul 6,2016

Lesson Plans

There are more than 60 great lesson plans that are based on the curriculum standards for grades 6-8 that integrate physical activity or health education into each lesson.

Physical Activity Breaks

These 3-5 minute physical activity break ideas can be incorporated into any classroom setting. There are more than 100 physical activity breaks to choose from to help get your students active in the classroom.

Physical Activity Homework

Teachers can encourage students to get active at home by assigning homework that requires physical activity. There are more than 100 physical activity homework assignments to choose from to help get your students active at home.

Student Game Planner

The Game Planner helps students track theirphysical activityminutes duringthe Challenge and motivate them to get involved in daily physical activity! The Game Planner is also available in Spanish.


The Cheerbook includes 25 ideas to keep your school and students motivated during the 4-week Challenge and all year long.

Take Home Resources

The Take Home Resources is a booklet of information, tips and ideas that can be given to parents to help them support and encourage their kids to be active!

Year-Round Physical Activity Toolkit

Take things to the next level and make physical activity a part of your school year-round. Follow the steps outlined in the Year-Round Physical Activity Toolkit and use the resources to start making an impact today!