European Vacation

Updated:Oct 12,2016

As students study about Europe, be the tour guide and take them on an imaginary trip. As you make your stops along the way: March at the gates of Buckingham Palace, Swim through the English Channel, Climb the Swiss Alps, Till a garden in the English countryside, Play tennis at Wimbledon & soccer at Nou Camp, etc.

Here is a sample script you can use with your students!
“We’ve just arrived at Heathrow Airport in London so let’s start out by walking and we find ourselves at the gates of Buckingham Palace where the palace guards are marching, Let’s march with them. MARCH!”
(After 20 seconds of Marching)

“We’ve marched so far that we’re on the banks of the English Channel. Let’s dive in and take a swim, SWIM! The water is very chilly. SWIM FASTER.”
(After 20 seconds of Swimming)

“It’s time to get out of the water. Oh look at this beautiful English countryside. It takes a lot of work to keep it this beautiful. Let’s help them till the gardens. TILL OR DIG”
(After 20 seconds of Tilling)

“Let’s wash off that British dirt and head over to Wimbledon to play a few sets of tennis. Swing those rackets, serve, play the net. PLAY TENNIS.
(After 20 seconds of Playing Tennis)

“Put away your tennis rackets because we’re going to Switzerland. We’re at the Swiss Alps. Get your climbing gear on because we’re going to scale he Swiss Alps. Get ready and CLIMB.”
(After 20 seconds of Climbing)

“That was a great trip. Now let’s return to (name of your town) and cool down by walking around the room silently, taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly.”