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Updated:Jun 6,2016

girl getting ankle wrappedAthletic trainers lead Back to Sports meetings as facilitators. It’s a natural fit. Back to Sports supports the fundamental goal of every athletic trainer promoting sports safety for their athletes.

Athletic trainers are involved in the full spectrum of sports safety and response management — from prevention to emergency care to rehabilitation — and they must be knowledgeable on many sports-related safety topics. This makes athletic trainers ideal for delivering sports safety information.

Facilitating a Meeting

By facilitating a meeting, athletic trainers help educate adults about important habits and skills that can help keep youth athletes safe. The facilitator delivers the youth wellness and sports safety information and creates a positive learning experience. The information covered in Back to Sports meetings are a great fit for parent meetings or events that may already be planned.

All you need to facilitate a meeting is a computer with Internet access, projector, screen, and the Back to Sports Toolkit.

As a facilitator, you’ll:

  • Organize, promote and prepare for the meeting.
  • Present the information with guidance from the talking points, supplemental videos and presentation slides.
  • Hand out the Back to Sports Parent Handbook or handouts to attendees.
  • Share your meeting successes and complete a short facilitator post-survey.

A mini-grant program is available to support athletic trainers who are interested in serving as facilitators for a Back to Sports meeting.

Learn More about the Mini-Grant Program for athletic trainers.

The Back to Sports Toolkit provides everything athletic trainers would need to facilitate a Back to Sports meeting.

The Back to Sports Toolkit for Athletic Trainers includes:

  • A step-by-step planning guide
  • Downloadable presentation slides and script
  • Customizable invitations
  • Promotion posters and meeting signage
  • Youth sports safety videos
  • Resources for parents
  • And much more

Register for the Back to Sports Toolkit for Athletic Trainers and apply for a mini-grant today.

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