PAD Toolkit

PAD Toolkit

PAD Go-To-Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Our new Go-To-Guide is an easy-to-use, interactive tool designed to empower doctors and nurses to engage patients diagnosed with Peripheral Artery Disease. Access resources your organization can use to deliver effective patient education, as well as AHA’s latest patient engagement tools.

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PVD vs PAD Fact Sheet

Help your patients understand the risk factors associated with PAD and PVD and recognize the differences between the two conditions.

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Talking to Your Patients About PAD

Remind your team that educating your patients about PAD and its treatments should begin with explaining the disease and its risks.

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additional resources

Signs & Symptoms Checklist
Accurate PAD diagnoses rely on a thorough patient history and physical exam. Use this checklist when asking your patients about their risk factors and symptoms.

Watch, Learn, Live
Help your patients understand PAD by viewing this illustration of PAD.

Self-Check Plan
Our printable self-check plan makes it easy for your patients to track their symptoms.

Answers By Heart Fact Sheets
These downloadable patient information sheets can help your patients understand their condition and needed lifestyle changes.
How Can Physical Activity Become a Way of Life
Educate your patients on the importance of being physically active.
Support Network
Connect your patients with peer-to-peer support by recommending our online Support Network.

Vascular Health Videos

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