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Enrich your patients' heart-health knowledge with our award-winning, patient education resources and tools. To learn more about educational resources for your patients and opportunities to license content for use on your website, please contact

Answers by Heart Fact Sheets

Answers by Heart fact sheets

Learn and live with our downloadable patient information sheets. Dozens of topics in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read.

Let's Talk About Stroke

Lets Talk About Stroke

Our fact sheets on stroke treatments, prevention, warning signs and recovering provide helpful information. Print them out and fill in questions to ask your doctor.

Watch, Learn and Live

Interactive Cardiovascular Library

Our Interactive Cardiovascular Library has detailed animations and illustrations to help you learn about conditions, treatments and procedures related to heart disease and stroke.

Start exploring today!

What's Your Risk?

Determine your riskDetermine your risk of having a heart attack or dying from coronary heart disease and get a report to discuss with your healthcare provider. 

Order Educational Brochures

Browse our library of brochures on heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol and more. To place an order, request print samples or view online e-samples, visit our distributor, Krames.  Registration is required to request samples and order online.
    Simple 7 Life Check Image Live better with Life's Simple 7 - seven easy steps you can take to improve your health.

    Life's Simple 7 Image for Widget To find out where you stand with Life's Simple 7, take the My Life Check Assessment. In just a few minutes, you can get your own personal heart score and life plan.

Sign up for Heart360

Knowing your health numbers is a key to a longer, healthier life. Sign up for Heart360 today.

My Heart and Stroke News

Live well! Know the facts about heart conditions and plan for good health!

Personal Stories from Survivors

Balloons Floating Away

Survivors of heart disease and stroke are not alone.

Read their stories of hope
. Learn and live!

Healthy Heart Quizzes

Knowledge is power! Take one of our quizzes and test your heart-health knowledge.

Healthy Dining Out - Tips by Cuisine

Young Women Ordering Food in Restaurant

You can eat out and eat healthy too, with these tips by cuisine.

Heart-Healthy Recipes

Middle Aged Couple Cooking in Kitchen

Make heart-healthy dishes at home that not only taste great, but are good for you!

Cardiovascular Conditions

Patient Education Quarterly (PEQ)
Our Patient Education Quarterly e-newsletter brings you the latest patient education news, tools and resources to help you improve patient care. Sign up today!
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