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Updated:Feb 22,2016
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The Unrelaxing Heart
In the first of this four-part series on heart failure (HF), we discussed HF caused by a weakened heart muscle. However, HF can also occur when the heart muscle is intact but another conditionis keeping the heart from pumping efficiently. "It's not how well the heart squeezes," Dr. Clyde Yancy said, "but how well it relaxes."

Part 2 also features the story of Queen Latifah and her mother, Rita Owens - a heart failure survivor. Rita's HF diagnosis cam4 as a shock even though Latifah's grandmother had died from it. "But my mom was in her 50s!" Latifah told the doctor. "She's too young for this. What does it mean? She's going to be OK, isn't she?"
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Left to Our Own Devices
Mobile technologies seem to show promise for helping us improve and manage our health. But what is scientific research to date showing us so far about how that promise is being met?
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Ever Hear of Printzmetal's Angina?
Amy Finn had already survived cancer when she experienced a heart attack due to Printzmetal's angina. Read her story plus tips for managing the fear of recurring, life-threatening conditions.
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Your Oxygen First
Anyone who has flown commercially has heart the flight attendant's instruction, if the plane loses pressure and the oxygen masks drop, put on our own mask first before trying to help someone else. This is sage advice for family caregivers as well - if caregivers don't take care of themselves first, eventually they won't be able to care for their loved one.
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Controlling Your Risk When You Have Diabetes
The risk of CVD for people with diabetes is two-fold that of people without it. There have been changes in how doctors patients manage their CVD risk, and in 2015 the AHA and ADA issued a new scientific statement.
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Heart News
Newsworthy notes from the world of cardiovascular health.
Our readers share their experiences with heart disease from their own perspective.
Life's Simple 7
 Seven simple ways to improve your health and enhance your quality of life. 
Life Is Why
Everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life. These stroke survivors, caregivers and others share their 'whys'. We'd love for you to share yours, too!
Simple Cooking
Cooking at home can be a daunting task, but a rewarding one for your diet and lifestyle (and your wallet). Making small changes in your diet is important to your heart health. Here are simple, healthy and affordable recipes and cooking tips.


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