Heart Valve Toolkit

HV Toolkit

Heart Valve Go-To-Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Our new Go-To-Guide is a user-friendly interactive tool designed to empower health care providers on how to engage heart valve patients. You can find resources that can be used to deliver effective patient education and engagement strategies.

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Heart Valve Interactive Treatment Guide

The Heart Valve Interactive Treatment Guide can be used to gain step-by-step understanding of heart valve problems and provide solutions that are unique to the patient experience.

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What Everyone Should Know About Heart Valves Infographic

Use this resource to educate patients about the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease.

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additional resources

Heart Valve Symptom Tracker
Help your patients understand and manage their symptoms of heart valve disease. Available in English and Spanish.

Heart Valve Quizzes
These are engaging resources for your patients to test their knowledge about heart valve disease. Quizzes available: Heart Valve 101 and Heart Valve 102.

Pre-surgery Checklist
Our printable checklist makes it easy for your patients to learn how to prepare for heart valve surgery. Available in English and Spanish.

Answers By Heart Fact Sheets
These downloadable patient information sheets can help your patients understand their condition and needed lifestyle changes.
Recovery Milestone Checklist
The post-surgery milestone checklist will help your patients track their recovery progress. Available in English and Spanish.
Patient Education Videos
Heart Valve Education Videos with Dr. Edgerton; Heart Valve Ambassadors Videos

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The Edwards Lifesciences Foundation sponsors the AHA’s Heart Valve Education Center and Ambassador Program: Heart Valve Disease.