Guide to Using Your New Marketplace Coverage

Updated:Oct 26,2015

Many of you may have new health insurance coverage that started on January 1, 2014 and some of you may be new to private health insurance coverage or may be reentering the health insurance market after a long gap in coverage. has provided the information below in case you have questions about how to use your new health insurance coverage.

The Guide to Using Your New Marketplace Coverage provides guidance on how to ensure you are covered; how to obtain prescriptions, medical and emergency care; and how to appeal an insurance company decision.

Additionally, the following links on should be helpful if there are questions about using new health insurance coverage:
  1. What You Should Know About Seeing Your Doctor
  2. What You Should Know About Getting Your Prescription Medications
  3. Appealing Your Insurer’s Decision Not to Pay
  4. I Signed Up, But Don’t have Health Coverage. What Should I Do?
  5. Getting Emergency Care
  6. What You Should Know about Renewing Your Marketplace Coverage
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