Consumer Health Care

Consumer healthcare
Insurance IconHealth Insurance Information
Having health insurance helps you maintain your health and provides you with financial security. Having a heart condition or stroke makes it even more important.
Healthcare Team IconYour Healthcare Team
Improve your quality of care by taking power over your healthcare choices.
Questions to Ask Your Doctor IconQuestions to Ask Your Doctor
Prepare for office visits, ask the right questions, and confirm that you understand your healthcare team’s instructions with these tips.
Medication IconMedication Information
Learn about cardiac medications, interactions, assistance programs that may help you reduce the cost of your prescription medicines and adherence.
Trackers IconHealth Trackers 
Track, monitor and manage your heart health with these printable and online trackers.
Healthcare Resources IconTools & Resources
Take control of your heart health with these consumer healthcare tools and resources.

Answers by Heart Fact Sheets

Answers by Heart fact sheets

Learn and live with our downloadable patient information sheets. Dozens of topics in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read.

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