Communicating with Professionals

Updated:Jan 13,2015

Patient communicating with doctor

You can improve the care you receive by talking with your healthcare team about your concerns, asking questions and getting the facts. Usually, office visits and phone calls are shorter and more rushed than you (or your professionals) want. Simple communication skills can help you get what you need – over the phone, at the hospital or during office visits.

Good communication skills help you get better results from the time you spend with all your healthcare providers, not just your doctor. Use the skills from this section when you talk to your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physical therapist, exercise physiologist or other healthcare professionals.

Close Up Of Doctor ExplainingClose Up Of Cardac Rehab PatientHealth reporter John Hammarley Explaining Cardiac Rehab

Healthcare professionals talk about why good communication is important


A patient describes how he prepares for office visits


Health reporter John Hammarley summarizes communication tips


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