Calculate Your High Blood Pressure Health Risks

Updated:Jan 6,2017

Calculate your risks from high blood pressure

Raise your life expectancy by lowering high blood pressure
At age 50, total life expectancy is about five years longer for people with normal blood pressure than for those with high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension).

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A few minutes could change your habits and your life.

How it works
Enter your latest blood pressure reading to learn the threats to your health. Learn how a few lifestyle changes can lower your blood pressure and health risks — and print your risk report to review and discuss with your healthcare professional.

To test this tool, you can enter an estimated or sample blood pressure reading. However, in order to get accurate results, you’ll need your current blood pressure numbers to effectively use this tool.

To get your blood pressure numbers, have your blood pressure checked by your healthcare professional, use a home monitoring device or see if there a blood pressure machine at your local pharmacy.

This content was last reviewed October 2016.

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