Living with Heart Failure and Managing Advanced HF

Updated:Feb 13,2018

After the Heart Failure (HF) Diagnosis

Although it can be difficult to live with a chronic condition like heart failure, many people can and do learn to manage the symptoms and live full and enjoyable lives. People who typically report greater levels of improvement and emotional wellbeing are often the ones who are willing to build new habits around eating better, exercising as directed by their healthcare team, and tracking and managing their symptoms.

At the American Heart Association, we are developing quality education and expanding resources to help you and your loved ones successfully rise above heart failure.

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Dealing with Advanced Heart Failure
Advanced heart failure is a term used when the condition has progressed to a point where traditional therapies and symptom management are no longer working. Of the more than 6 million American adults living with heart failure, about ten percent have advanced heart failure, and treatment decisions can become more complex.

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