Heart Failure Personal Stories

Updated:Jun 13,2011

Real patients share their experiences.

Heart Failure Personal Story PhotoDon Gazzaniga: Putting Creativity Ahead of Crisis
"I've been asked more than once, 'So, after you found out you had this heart condition, what did you do?' The first thing I did was sit on our deck and fool around with paint brushes and a canvas." Read Don's story.

Pete Eiden: Success by Taking It Slow
"A few months after I was diagnosed, I started to walk to my mailbox every day. As I continued to improve slightly, the docs said I could walk as much as I could tolerate." Read Pete's story.

Lee Roush: Learning the Art of Stress Reduction
"When my cardiologist found out that I was working 52 to 55 hours a week, he said, 'Quit.' I shouldn't be working at a job with so much stress. Now I have so many other interests." Read Lee's story.

Heart Failure Personal Story PhotoAlbert Atun: Learning to Manage the Diet and Activity
"When I was put on a low-salt diet, I immediately stopped eating out so much ... Chinese, Italian, you name it. Now my wife and I only eat out every couple of weeks, and I try to choose something healthier, like fish or lean meat." Read Albert's story.

Celia Atun: Rising to the Challenge of Heart-Healthy Cooking
"My husband and I are both on the same low-salt diet. I have high blood pressure anyway, and do all of the cooking, so it makes sense for us both to be on it." Read Celia's story.

Marion Godzik: Working for the Love of the Game
"I have made a lot of progress. I'm back to playing volleyball every Monday night for 2 to 2 1/2 hours." Read Marion's story.

Heart Failure Personal Story PhotoPeggy Ryan: Adjusting to Caregiving—It all Takes Time
"My sister and I both work and have kids, so we switch off days helping my father and taking him to the doctor. I like to be there to hear what the doctor says and let him know how my father is doing." Read Peggy's story.

Heart Failure Personal Story PhotoRobert Farish: Finding the Right Team
"My new doctor is caring, compassionate and willing to answer all of the questions that you throw at him. Let's face it, when you're sick or in bad shape, the last thing you want to deal with is grumpy or uncaring people." Read Robert's story.

Heart Failure Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to ask your doctor

Use these questions to ask your doctor about heart failure.

Heart Failure

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