Prevention and Treatment of Heart Attack

Updated:May 31,2016

The time is now to reduce your risks!

The American Heart Association recommends that heart disease prevention begins early in life. This means assessing your risk factors and working to keep them low. For those over 40, or those with multiple risk factors, it's important to calculate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years. Many first-ever heart attacks or strokes are fatal or disabling, so prevention is critical. The sooner you begin comprehensive risk reduction, the longer and stronger your heart will beat.

Perhaps you need some prevention motivation? We're here to help. For the smartest prevention plan, everyone needs to understand the following.

  • What is a heart attack?
    Learn what happens when you have a heart attack and how that affects your heart health (View an animation of a heart attack).
  • What puts me at risk for heart attack?
    Some of the risks for heart attack can be modified, treated or controlled and some can't. The more risk factors you have, the greater your chance of developing coronary heart disease or having a heart attack.
  • Test your heart I.Q.
    Think you know what's best for your heart? Test your Heart I.Q. with one of our Healthy Heart Quizzes, including blood pressure, cholesterol, lifestyle and taking medication.

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Clinical Trials

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Heart Attack

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