Heart Attack Personal Stories

Updated:Jan 20,2017

KeithReal patients share their experiences with having a heart attack.

Keith Short: Don't Do What I Did!
Keith Short is blessed to be alive - a doctor told him so as he let him know his heart had sustained serious damage that could not heal or be repaired.
Keith wants others to not do what he did.

TraciTraci Joyce: A Heart Attack Survivor Shares What She Has Learned
Traci Joyce had a heart attack in 2013. She had two blocked arteries and she waited several days before seeking treatment.
She shares what she's learned from that experience and since then.

Melissa MurphyMelissa Murphy: Enjoying every second of life...while preventing a second heart attack!
Melissa Murphy is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and heart attack survivor. She packs two stents in her right coronary artery due to the effects of birth control and yet didn’t have cardiac risk factors or cardiac disease.
She wants everyone to know - it can happen to you.

KeithKeith Ahrens
A near-death experience inspired Las Vegas businessman Keith Ahrens to lose 200 pounds, and change his life. “By focusing on my own heart health and well-being, I’ve been able to give hope to others that a healthier life, a better life, is awaiting them.”

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