Raymond - Rochester, NY

Updated:Sep 10,2010

Age: 51
Name: Raymond W
Location: Rochester, NY


When I got home from the hospital is when it hit me that my life is changed from what it was. I went from steak and potatoes to chicken, sea food and such.

I was told on Feb. 3rd 2009 that I have type 2 diabetes. I remember going to the er and being wheeled to the er desk. I don't remember any thing after that. I woke up three days later after being in a drug induced coma.

I supprised the doctors that it didn't phazed me when I got the news. I told them I helped a friend who had diabetes and knew what it was from him.  He used a needle and had to give him self injections of insulin all the time.

I have seen my Endocanologist, dietition, Diabetes nurse and have some help from my friends Mother whose husband had diabetes before he passed away she sent all the diabetic cookbooks she has as soon as she found out I had diabetes. I have my sister and her husband who are my diabetic partners and they have been going to most of my appointments with me.

When I got home from the hospital is when it hit me that my life is changed from what it was. There was not one sweet in the house. No food that was not good for me and then I had to go shopping due to the fact all the food I had in the ice box was gone. I went from steak and potatoes to chicken,sea food and such. Had to make sure all cereal had to have 10 grams of sugar or less. I was not a big sweet eater before I got diabetes so there was no problem there any way.

I have been trying to eat all natural cereals before this happened any way. I learned all the starches I was eating helped with the diabetes and my portion sizes as well. So my eating habits changed. I am doing better but you are allowed some sugar as long as you don't over do it.

I had a sugar level of over 800 when I went to the hospital. I am down to 90 or some time more depending on what I eat or how much. I try very hard to stick with the diet they gave me. Some time I am hungry after I eat so I eat three main meals and two snacks to keep my blood sugar at the right level. There are times I don't need extra insulin but there are times I do but I have an A1C of 5.9 at this time and I am trying my best to keep it there.



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