More Diabetes Personal Stories

Updated:Oct 21,2015
Read stories and learn from others who are living with type 2 diabetes.

Adam - Jefferson City, MO
I am extremely excited to finally be getting my blood sugar down. Read Adam's story

Anna - Batesville, IN
If you are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes please listen to your doctor, eat a well balanced diet and walk walk walk for your health. My cousin has been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and these are the suggestions that I told him. Read Anna's story

Art - Mount Vernon, IL
It's been ten years now when they did not think I would live. But I have and I plan to learn as much as I can about diabetes. And deal with that for many more years. Read Art's story

Barbara - Philadelphia, PA
I was very sick and didn't even know it. That slowed me down; I became depressed, stressed a lot and overate. It took me a while to get things together. Read Barbara's story

Barbara - Wollaston, MA
Whenever I have a question about my diabetes, I always go to my doctor for answers. Read Barbara's story

Carlos - Dracutt, IL
It is a very frustrating disease because it changes constantly and when you think you have it under control it fools you. My way to deal with it is basically by keeping an eye on my diet and try to keep busy. Read Carlos's story

Carole - Florissant, MO
I have had to change my eating habits and am still fine-tuning them. There are always new foods to try. Read Carole's story

Cathy - Greensboro, NC
You CAN eat what you want to - just not all at one time and you have to keep track of your sugar levels! I encourage people to get a notebook and write everything down. It is a help!! Read Cathy's story

Cathy - Mundelein, IL
My grown daughter and I have been walking with my three dogs daily, rain, shine, snow or sleet. I have lost 15 pounds and my daughter has lost 18 pounds and even our dogs are looking trimmer. Read Cathy's story

Christina - Whitehall, OH
I have a strong heart family history, diabetes, cancer, and Asthma. My primary discontinued the BG med and said my past A1C have been normal(2x's now). Read Christina's story

Clara - Rockaway, NJ
I have a long line of diabetes and high blood pressure in my family. Read Clara's story

Collen - Irondale, MO
The only advice I can give is to hang in there. Read Colleen's story

Craig - Highlands Ranch, CO
While I obviously would prefer not to have this disease, it is something I can deal with. Yes, it is a struggle, but I can deal with it. Read Craig's story.

Cynthia - Erie, PA
If I were to offer a person newly diagnosed with diabetes I would say to find someone or a group of someone who will help them work through both the emotional and physical changes that need to be made. Read Cynthia's story

DC - Blairsville, GA
Turn to someone you love and who loves you for support and help. A friend or family member can help you thru and make it all worth while. Read DC's story

DN - Girard, IL
I have goals set so that I am off all my meds by January and I am weighing 200 by spring. Read DN's story

Debbi - Bath, NY
Since this is my year to receive my 50-year medal from the Joslin Diabetes Center, I want to live healthy to see what a 75-year medal will look like. Read Debbi's story

Deborah - Warner Robbins, GA
I have taken this thing seriously! Read Deborah's story

DeeAnna - Grandview, MO
When I first learned that I had diabetes, I was both relieved and frustrated. Relieved to find out why I had been feeling so awful the past few months, and frustrated (and angry) to find out that my body had finally become my enemy. Read DeeAnna's story.

Diana - Woonsocket, RI
It's a long struggle; my long term goal is to keep my blood sugar and cholesterol levels as low as I can get them, so I can get to see my grandchildren graduate from high school. Read Diana's story

Dwight - Escondido, CA
So if I were offering advice to anyone it would be to obtain a carb counter and write down everything you consume and keep track of your carbs for every meal, then take your blood glucose readings according to your physician's instructions. Read Dwight's story

Elsi - Arlington, VA
When I found out I had diabetes I was totally upset. I went into a funk. Now I do whatever I have to do to maintain a good blood sugar. Read Elsie's story

Gene - Brooklyn, NY
I owe this success to the wisdom and knowledge of my doctor, my finally facing up to the debilitating consequences of the disease and keeping a tight control of my diet, exercise and recording of my glucose levels. Read Gene's story

Gloria - Fonatana, CA
Let this be a lesson to all to be willing to take care of yourself. Let others help doesn't mean the end of the world, it means the beginning of a different lifestyle. Read Gloria's story

Janet - Malabar, FL
Through diet and exercise, I managed to get off of the medication that I was taking for my blood pressure and have been able to keep my blood pressure down since December 2008. Also, I have brought down my cholesterol levels dramatically. Read Janet's story

Janis - Roswell, GA
One day my doctor checked my A1c and it was 10. He had known me since I was a child and he looked me straight in the face and said "Do you want your child to grow up like you did without a Mother?" Read Janis' story

Jeanne - Aberdeen, SD
I would advise someone newly diagnosed to hit diabetes full steam. You have no time to lose. Read Jeanne's story

Jill - Nampa, ID
Finding out I had Type 2 diabetes helped me have a paradigm shift in the way I think, and I did a lifestyle change versus a diet.
Read Jill's story.

Jody R. - Shasta Lake, CA
When I first learned I had Diabetes, I did not take it seriously. The biggest improvement is that since March of 2008 I have lost 100 lbs.
Read Jody's story.

John - Cocoa, FL
Working in the corporate health and productivity management field over the last 8 years, I have been talking about diabetes and its impact, but never thought it was happening to me (dumb!). Read John's story

John - Longview, WA
The success factor has been my wife's support, so I suggest that people who need to make life changes find a partner to help them through it. Read John's story

Kabir - Fremont, CA
I have been diagnosed for over forty years now and I barely remember when I did not have diabetes. Read Kabir's story

Landon - Green River, WY
Well i am a type 2 diabetic found out this year. My life style was like this: I grew up in a very small town in Custer City Oklahoma, and sents i never had any friends as i was growing up i was alway deprest. So too cope with everythang i eat alot to make my self feel better. Read Landon's story

Mark John - Clovis, CA
In September of 2008 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 after having two heart attacks. I thought it was the end but with family and friends supporting me things started to change. Read Mark John's story

Michael - Overland Park, KS
I got mad and was still mad for some time. Read Michael's story

Matthew - Sandy, OR
Test yourself often at first. Really give up the bad carbs. If you eat right, you don't have to watch what you eat. I thought I would have to weigh my food and starve to death. It gets easier and easier. Read Matthew's story.

Michael - Riverside, CA
Exercise! Simple walks, you don't have to be hyper like some gurus. Read Michael's story

Mike - Pleasant Valley, NY
Knowing your medical problems and researching it is the key to staying on top of it and if that doesn't help and you need a boost, just talk to your doctor, they will always put you back on track. Read Mike's story

Nancy - Cary, IL
To say the least I was shocked at my diagnosis. Not only do I have type 2 diabetes, but high blood pressure 190/90 and high cholesterol too. Read Nancy's story

Nancy - Dundee, NY
By reading and investigating, I made a conscious decision to change my life. My advice to others with the disease is to investigate your options and become informed. You can beat this thing. I know I will. Read Nancy's story

Nancy - Louisville, KY
I think the best thing I could tell anyone is that if you find out you have diabetes, work with your health care professional. Read Nancy's story

Ruth - Carlsbad, CA
Even as a child I was overweight and had a problem with food. I reduced my sugar and carbohydrate intake and took medication to get my blood sugar numbers down when I was first diagnosed with diabetes five years ago. Read Ruth's story.

Patricia - Bryan, TX
When I was first diagnosed, I was shocked, but it didn't take me long to accept it. I would tell a new diabetic to make sure their weight is right for their height and build. Read Patricia's story

Patty - Avilla, IN
With me changing my life style, my family has too. We are very health conscious. I am in control, not my diabetes. Read Patty's story

Raymond - Fordyce, AZ
I have known for years that I was at risk for diabetes, since my mother passed away just about two years after being diagnosed, she was at the age I am now. Read Raymond's story

Raymond - Rochester, NY
When I got home from the hospital is when it hit me that my life is changed from what it was. I went from steak and potatoes to chicken, sea food and such. Read Raymond's story

Richard - Jacksonville, FL
It is a daily effort, but I can control these diseases. Go to the doctor and get checked out, don't wait until it's too late. Read Richard's story

Sandra - Belton, MO
My story is about my mother. I am currently not diabetic and trying not to get there. Read Sandra's story

Shawn - Valley Village
I would like to share my story because I feel it is unique and maybe helpful for others to hear. I am 32 years old, 5'6, 180 pounds, exercise rigorously and regularly, lost 20 pounds last year, and 1 month ago, I was diagnosed with angina with a 80-90% blockage of a major artery in my heart and another 70% blockage along the same artery. Read Shawn's story

Shuaib - Livermore, CA
I am 83 years old and I emigrated from Afghanistan. Many members of my family have diabetes. My vision has decreased as an effect of type 2 diabetes. I have gained weight... Read Shuaib's story.

Srinivas - Herndon, VA
Here is my 2 Cents. Don't take it lightly. You need to control the diabetes otherwise it will control you. Read Srinivas's story

Terry - Colerain Township, OH
I monitor my labs and diet very closely now. I realize I am not getting any younger. Read Terry's story

Victoria, Houston, TX
Yes, I have Type 2 diabetes. I am a little overweight and have had diabetes since I was 17 years old, when I delivered my third son who weighed 10 lbs. Read Victoria's story


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