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Updated:May 11,2015
How did you go from knowing to doing?Group Of Diabetes Patients

Having type 2 diabetes means you're at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. It's important to go beyond simply knowing what to do to taking action. Browse the stories of these real patients to learn how they started making healthier choices.

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AliceAlice - Cedar Lake, IN
My advice to someone newly diagnosed is to make sure you have a great support team. Let your friends, family, coworkers and your health care provider know you expect them to be you cheerleaders. Read or view Alice's story.

AnikiaAnikia - Santee, SC
I want to find a way to control my diabetes, weight and eating habits. I know that hard work and sticking to my goals are going to help me win.
Read or view Anikia's story.

JaniceJanice - Northville, MI
How do I manage my health numbers? I make sure I follow-up regularly with my doctor. I keep copies of my numbers. I test my blood sugar daily and when I see it getting out of control, I take time to look at the possible whys to get control of ... Read or view Janice's story.

KathleenKathleen - St. Louis, MO
We tend to put off taking care of ourselves for many reasons. Believe me when I tell you that there are better motivations out there than trying to avoid ANOTHER stroke.
Read or view Kathleen's story.

MarciMarci - Greensboro, NC
I would tell anyone struggling with diabetes this: Do EXACTLY as your doctor tells you. Small changes really do add up to big, big results. Don't ever give up, it is worth everything to keep trying. Read or view Marci's story.

NancyNancy - Kensington, CA
I have been working on trying to break my habit of binge eating and going for sweets and carbs. So I am reaching out to desperately get the help to stop or break my patterns.
Read or view Nancy's story.

PeggyPeggy - Junction City, WI
So I am starting over with my doctors help to once again get my blood sugar levels down (cholesterol too). But with web sight like this one and the am heart assoc I don't get discouraged and take one day at a time. Read or view Peggy's story.

RashidaRashida - Teaneck, NJ
I am not going to lie to you, it's not easy, and just because I have beat the odds, I still have to continue doing what I am doing. My advice to you is adapt the new life style and make it your life. Don't just do it for the moment. Read or view Rashida's story.

RhondaRhonda - Hephzibah, GA
I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It has really thrown me for a loop, my mother lost the battle to diabetes two years ago and it still hurts me, but it has now become my motivator to move and get fit and healthy again. Read or view Rhonda's story.

RobinRobin - Fresno, CA
Being diabetic doesn't mean you can't live a normal life, (the real question you should ask is; what is a normal life anyway), it just means you are more conscience about yourself than the person next to you. Learn what your body is telling you, and act on it. Read or view Robin's story.

SandraSandra - Chicago, IL
My husband and I both have Type 2 diabetes and were diagnosed about a year apart from each other.
Read or view Sandra's story.

TeresaTeresa - Bardstown, KY
I don't have type 2 diabetes, but several members of my family do. I have altered my lifestyle to include daily exercise & a healthy diet that should help me avoid getting Type 2 diabetes, which would further complicate my health. Read or view Teresa's story.


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