Deborah - Warner Robins, GA

Updated:Sep 22,2010

Age: 48
Name: Deborah L
Location: Warner Robins, GA


I have taken this thing seriously!

I found out I had type 2 diabeties when I went to the dentist and I was just feeling awful tired, I'm not a slow driving person. so when I left the dentist I came home and was still feeling "uncomfortable" so I called 911.

They came and examined me and told me my sugar was about 600. I didn't know what that meant because i'm never sick. Anyway they admitted me for 5 days in the hospital until they got it under control.

I have taken this thing seriously! I measure my meals daily. Smaller portions and healthier eating. The whole family is involved. I'm now off 2 of the insulins that I started out with so i feel great..I follow the rules as best I can the only thing I cheat with is my wine.. I love to have a nice glass of chardonney or white when I have a drink i don't take my meds that day. I'm losing weight and feeling good....thanks !