DN - Girard, IL

Updated:Sep 22,2010

Age: 55
Name: D N
Location: Girard, IL


I have goals set so that I am off all my meds by January and I am weighing 200 by spring.

I wasn't feeling bad at all. I went for my annual check up and found I had type 2 diabetes. I couldn't even spell diabetes at the time.

I have always been active and retired from the Army Reserve after 25 years and had just retired from the police force a year earlier. I was shocked and in disbelief. I have always been healthy but over weight since I had returned from Desert Storm..

My BMI, by Army standards, were always in limits though. I wasn't worried about my health and ate what I wanted and had become somewhat of a couch potatoe. I decide right then to take matters into my own hands and I have started my life style change.

My doctor who also has type 2 diabetes suggested I go on a lower Carb diet and start an exercise program to get up and get active. I now eat no more than 70 grams of carbs a meal and 5 carbs a snack. I started a food diary to keep my self honest. I find myself full and I eat less than 1200 calories a meal.

I started walking two miles and gradually was able to run a mile and walk a mile. When my knees started hurting I switched to the eliptical and bike and I'm still at it. This all started on October 8, 2009 at 278 lbs and now here it is December 16, 2009 and I have lost almost 40 lbs and my BMI by military standards is 28.5. I use the tape system because it is more accurate than the height weight standard. I have goals set so that I am off all my meds by January and I am weighing 200 by spring.



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