Christina - Whitehall, OH

Updated:Oct 1,2010

Age: 38
Name: Christina R
Location: Whitehall, OH

I have a strong heart family history, diabetes, cancer, and Asthma. My primary discontinued the BG med and said my past A1C have been normal(2x's now). I've lost 9lbs. in last 4 months. Before changing doctors; my diabetes was well controlled. I ate more balanced, exercise-some, managed stress okay, etc. Even before this happened, I was borderline Diabetic for 2yrs-then informed my body had converted.

On meds for BP,Arrhythmias, Asthma. And on diet control-watch carbs,low fat, and NO salt. Exercising some(2-3x's a week) and work part time.

Now I check my bg's 2x's a day to get a baseline-recently I've bottomed 2x's while having an upper respiratory infection. But also my bg's have spiked-high like: 290's-434. BP's and HR's are very high as well on meds. My primary has just adjusted one of my bp meds to help only. Where do I go from here? Thank You.



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