Common Misconceptions about Cholesterol

Updated:Apr 1,2016

Learn the factsCholesterol can be both good and bad, so it's important to learn the facts about what cholesterol is, how it affects your health and how to manage your blood cholesterol levels.

Here are some common misconceptions about cholesterol.

Click on each misconception about cholesterol to see the truth:

Diet and physical activity contribute to overall blood cholesterol levels as well as the cholesterol that is made naturally by the body. But other factors also contribute to your cholesterol. Being overweight or obese tends to increase bad and total cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. Getting older also causes LDL cholesterol to rise. For some, heredity may play a role because high cholesterol can run in families. However, a heart-healthy diet and regular physical activity are important to everyone for maintaining cardiovascular health. Have your cholesterol tested and work with your healthcare professionals on the plan that's best for you. Learn more about the sources of cholesterol.

This content was last reviewed on 04/21/2014.


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