Corrine's Story: My Daughter, Olivia

Updated:Oct 26,2012

Arrhythmia Personal Story Photo My name is Corinne Hoff and I would like to share my personal story with you.

My life was forever changed April 22, 2004, the day my 14-year-old daughter Olivia died.

Olivia had always been so active, adventurous, she loved life. My daughter had started complaining about weakness after her PE classes at school. I told her she was probably working too hard and was just dehydrated. Never would I have thought she had a heart condition. Olivia was a cheerleader, basketball player and enjoyed jogging; how could she not be healthy? Never did I even consider the thought that she had a heart defect. Well, about 2 weeks before Olivia died, she complained about headaches, left arm and chest pain. I took her to the doctor. The doctor examined her, listened to her heart and diagnosed or "Misdiagnosed" her as being stressed out; since Olivia was a Freshman in high school, involved in a lot of activities. We left the doctor's office and thought, okay, it's just stress. Olivia will just have to slow down, wrong. My daughter went into cardiac arrest April 12, 2004 and was on a breathing machine for ten days. Olivia was being kept alive by a machine. I knew my daughter would not come back to me, so did the doctors. My daughter was removed from the breathing machine and passed away that same day.

Since my daughter's death I quit taking care of myself. I didn't care about my health or life. Now 4 years later, I have decided to get healthy again. I need to get healthy so that I can start working towards educating parents, teachers, coaches and school nurses about this silent killer - LQTS and Elongated QT Syndrome. Since Olivia's death, I have been in contact with many parents who have lost their children to this heart condition. We are doing all we can to prevent more deaths. I hope that sharing my personal story, I can help save a child's life. My daughter's death will not be in vain.

Thank you.
Corinne, Olivia's mom