Middle Aged Woman and Elderly Woman Sitting Down and TalkingRights
This list of Caregiver Rights will help you re-focus some time and energy on caring for yourself and let you know that it's not unusual to feel under-appreciated, frustrated, left out and even angry.
  Older Couple Lifting WeightsRejuvenate
Physical activity is proven to improve both mental and physical health. It tackles anxiety, depression and anger. Read more about how you can rejuvenate yourself.
Smiling Middle Aged Couple OutdoorsResponsibility
As a caregiver, you may think your first responsibility is to your loved one, but it's really to yourself. To do the best, you must be in the best possible health yourself.
Oranges and ApplesReplenish
Maintaining good nutrition habits is tough for anyone, but it's especially difficult for a caregiver. Often your loved one is on a special diet or has a particularly selective appetite, but your diet is also important.
Smiling Middle Aged and Elderly WomanReality Check
As a caregiver, there are a lot of things you would like to control. However, you having a realistic outlook on what can and can't be controlled is important.
Young Woman in Garden with Elderly WomanReach Out
When your communication is clear, assertive and constructive, you're more likely to be heard and get the response you need. Get specific guidance on communicating with family, friends, healthcare professionals, and more.
Hands Creating PotteryRefresh
One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved one is to carve out time and space for yourself. This has to be a conscious action that you take every day.
Older Woman at Laptop ComputerResources
These resources will help you better care for someone who has heart disease or who has had a heart attack, heart surgery or a stroke.

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