OSHA and AHA Alliance Activities Summary

Updated:Jul 21,2015

  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the AHA work together to raise awareness about safety and health to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the workplace. The National Alliance's key goal is to foster a culture of awareness, prevention and action in the workplace through employee safety and wellness programs.

The Alliance goals include
• Nationally promote workplace safety and health

• Develop training and education on CPR, AED use and first aid

• Increase outreach and communication about prevention and training through the AHA Training Network and OSHA’s regional and area offices and state partners

• Speak or exhibit at OSHA or AHA conferences, local meetings, or other Alliance partner events such as the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) Conference

• Work with other Alliance participants on specific issues and programs that address CPR, AED and first aid training and are developed through OSHA’s Alliance Program

Downloadable Alliance Tools: 
Safety Tips: Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)  

Safety Tips: Bloodborne Pathogens (Spanish) (PDF)

Additional Resources:
OSHA and the AHA National Alliance (opens new window)
OSHA and the AHA are committed to sharing best practices and technical knowledge to improve safety, reduce death and disability from heart disease and stroke and promote employee wellness programs in the workplace.

North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH) Week (opens new window)
The mission of NAOSH Week is to increase awareness about the importance of occupational safety and health among workers around the world.

2014 NAOSH Week (opens new window)

2012 NAOSH Week (opens new window)

2011 NAOSH Week (opens new window)

OSHA Safety and Health Topics:
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) (opens new window)
AEDs are an important lifesaving technology. This page addresses the implementation of workplace AED programs.

The OSHA and AHA National Alliance was originally signed November 20, 2003, and was renewed in 2006 and 2008.


Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals often encounter work-related health and safety questions as they care for their patients. This page provides information, resources and links to help clinicians navigate OSHA's website and aid clinicians in caring for workers.

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Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers

This page provides information on prevention of heat-related injuries and illness for outdoor workers.

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Medical and First Aid

This page provides general information about creating a medical or first aid program in the workplace.

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