New Course Monitoring Process

New Course Monitoring Process

The long-awaited workflows automating the Course Monitoring process for US-based TCs have been implemented! These workflows are designed to facilitate the Course Monitoring process by sending email notifications and reminders to assigned Regional Faculty in plenty of time to complete CMs for TCs.

The new process allows each assigned RF approximately 20 months to schedule and complete their assignments. We strongly advise each RF to begin to work with their assigned TC Coordinators to schedule and complete a CM review well before the due date. Because each RF will receive several notifications and reminders to complete their assigned CMs, there will no longer be any reason that CMs cannot be completed on time for each TC.

How RF Volunteers are Impacted: 
  • At the time of a new contract or contract renewal, the assigned RF will receive a "welcome" email providing the name of the TC, TC discipline, the TCC contact information and the due date of the CM. 
  • When the CM Link is received, the RF will receive an initial reminder email that provides all of the above listed information along with the active link for the CM and the link to the universal PDF file to print and take with them for note-taking.
  • If a CM is not completed in the first 17 months of the TC contract, the assigned RF will begin to receive monthly reminders to complete the CM. These monthly reminders will begin 4 months before the CM is due to AHA.

Assurance of Accuracy in Submitting CMs: 

  • Each initial and reminder email will have the specific and unique link to a CM form that the RF must use to submit their review. 
  • Each review is due 3 months before the end of the TC contract. The contract due date is provided in the initial and all reminder emails.
  • Every CM review must be submitted via the online form no later than 2 weeks after the RF has observed the class being monitored.

Please note: During the implementation process, duplicate emails and emails for some completed CMs that were properly recorded in the AHA database were sent to RF in error. If you submitted a CM form and received a PDF copy by email, rest assured that your CM was received and processed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are continuing to monitor and make corrections to our systems that will eliminate these errors in the future.

Regional Faculty should contact their Volunteer Support Specialist with any questions about the new process.