International Materials

International Materials 
The American Heart Association publishes valuable training materials in many foreign languages, including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, and French. 
Product Brochure
The American Heart Association offers a variety of courses in multiple languages for professional and lay rescuers.

International Reviewers
International reviewers of American Heart Association's Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) training materials and documents provide critical review and volunteer hours.

International Supplemental Materials
These supplemental CD materials are referred to in the AHA materials.
seperator bravoInternational Distributors
The American Heart Association signs legal agreements with organizations around the world to provide high quality customer service and deliver material orders around the world.

International Distribution and Licensing
The American Heart Association wants to hear from organizations interested in our mission to save lives by partnering as a distributor or licensor of Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Products.