Instructor Resources

Instructor ResourcesDiscover how to become an instructor for the American Heart Association, learn about instructor training, and find other valuable resources.

How to Become an AHA Instructor Course Completion Card Reference Guide - ECC 
Doing so is easy after consulting with an American Heart Association Training Center to find out whether the Training Center (TC) is accepting new instructors and the TC’s preferred course delivery. The updated ECC Course Completion Card Reference Guide provides guidelines to instructors for all ECC completion cards, including current versions released, quality checkpoints and issue dates by course.
Structured and Supported Debriefing Course Core Instructor Course
The Structured and Supported Debriefing teaches advanced life support instructors how to facilitate an effective debriefing of their students within 10 minutes after a skills practice session. The Core Instructor Course provides a foundation for teaching and facilitating American Heart Association courses in various areas of specialization.