Learn: Rhythm Adult

Updated:Sep 2,2014

Learn:® Rhythm Adult is an online, self-directed course that introduces healthcare providers to normal cardiac rhythms and prepares them to recognize basic cardiac arrhythmias in clinical practice.

From the course, healthcare providers improve their skill in ECG rhythm recognition, which is a key skill required to successfully determine a patient’s condition, know which algorithm to apply, and provide better patient treatment. 
This course features a combination of audio, animation, interactive activities, and self-assessment portions. The course is self-paced and is completed entirely online.

Learn: Rhythm Adult

This course is designed for:

  • Healthcare professionals and telemetry staff who need basic rhythm recognition skills
  • Students preparing for ACLS, such as paramedics/EMTs, nurses, physicians, clinical pharmacists, and respiratory therapists
  • Nurses, pharmacists, emergency medical services personnel and physicians seeking to earn continuing education credits