Community Programs

Community Programs

Less than one-third of sudden cardiac arrest victims receive immediate CPR from bystanders. Through a variety of programs, the American Heart Association is equipping people and communities to act in emergencies and ultimately save lives.

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Hands-Only™ CPR Program

Where you live matters!

People who live in African-American, Hispanic, and lower-income neighborhoods are more likely than others to die from a cardiac arrest. In fact, African-Americans and Hispanic cardiac arrest victims are also 30% less likely to have someone stop and perform CPR.

We are excited to launch the new Hands-Only CPR Program!

The American Heart Association works to save lives by encouraging CPR & AED training. Were you saved by CPR or an AED? Are you a rescuer or know about a rescue event? We want to recognize Heartsaver Heroes who stepped in to save a life. We are happy to honor anyone who has assisted in any part of our chain of survival, regardless of training or outcome.

Be the Beat is a website for teachers and school administrators that provides free tools and resources to help start and sustain CPR and AED programs in schools. The American Heart Association is committed to creating the next generation of lifesavers through our Be the Beat and CPR in Schools® programs and resources.

Studies show that Hands-Only™ CPR, which only involves two simple steps, can be as effective as conventional CPR.