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Updated:Nov 9,2012





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Heart Disease is the #2 cause of death for children under 17!  You most likely have a child in your school who has benefited by research done by the AHA. 
Invite them to share their story and become your school’s very own heart hero!

Survivor Story: McKinley Pollard

McKinleyPollard - Youth Market Survivor
McKinley is 7 years old, an excellent student at Calvin Rodwell Elementary School and is very active in outside activities. 
Prior to July 2004 before McKinley was born she was diagnosed with having partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. 
We knew that she was going to need surgery so when she was born the testing and evaluations began.  
2 ½ months later Drs. Cameron and Vricella operated on McKinley at Johns Hopkins.  Now each year McKinley returns to
John Hopkins Hospital for evaluations and testing to make sure her heart is working properly and she is growing. 
This past year Dr. Thompson, McKinley’s Cardiologist, changed her evaluations from each year to every other year. 
McKinley continues to strive and some of her favorite hobbies are Bowling, Dancing and Singing. 

Best Event Ideas Contest:

First Place:


Mr. Clark/Buist Academy, SC- $100 US Games gift certificate


Second Place:


Ms. Beazley/South Anna Elem, VA - Red AHA camping chair


Third Place:

Ms. Blair/Stony Mill Elem, VA - JRFH/HFH binder

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