Workplace Giving Campaign

Updated:Feb 19,2014

Workplace Giving - Unique giving program that empowers employees by offering them a choice in the nonprofits they can support.

Employee participation increased in 76 percent of the companies that offered a broader range of giving options.  Total contributions increased in more than 90 percent of company campaigns that allowed additional nonprofit organizations to participate.

What is the American Heart Association's Workplace Giving Campaign?
The Workplace Giving Campaign is a unique workplace giving program designed to empower your employees by offering them a choice in the nonprofits they can support.

Why the Workplace Giving Campaign?
Employees want to be able to choose what charities they will support and are more satisfied with a workplace campaign that gives them this option.  Such campaigns achieve greater participation, satisfaction and overall contributions.  Giving also allows your company to brand the campaign as your own.

What It Takes
The American Heart Association is here to help your campaign succeed!

The American Heart Association will:

  • Provide an employee survey to determine interest areas and gain feedback.
  • Supply a coordinator's guide to plan and implement your campaign.
  • Consult with company leaders to facilitate expanding giving options.
  • Arrange speakers to educate employees.
  • Provide ideas and support in creating campaign materials.
Your Role in the Campaign:

  • Decide to offer a choice in workplace giving options.
  • Develop a campaign goal and implementation plan.
  • Communicate the change and benefits to all employees.
  • Kick off the campaign with enthusiasm.
  • Thank all who participate.

The American Heart Association's Workplace Giving Campaign
By offering a choice of nonprofits, the American Heart Association's Workplace Giving Campaign helps you empower your employees, increasing their satisfaction and boosting your campaign's success.

Employee Benefits:

  • Increased morale.
    Providing choices enhances employee morale, commitment and retention.
  • Satisfaction.
    Allowing employees to choose increases their satisfaction and participation in company giving.
  • Involvement.
    Including employees is a powerful way to link their own and your company's interests.
  • Ease.
    Making payroll deductions to support charities that employees care about is simple.
Company Benefits:

  • Demonstrated commitment.
    Company-branded campaigns demonstrate to employees and customers that community leadership is a company priority.
  • Increased giving.
    Case after case shows that when employees are given options, participation rates increase.
  • Improved morale.
    When donors can make a difference to a cause they care about, everyone wins.
  • Greater efficiency.
    A giving campaign allows for a payroll deduction program.  That's easy for your employees and allows more money to go to the nonprofits and less to campaign administration.
Charity Benefits:

  • Education.
    Participating nonprofits can more effectively deliver workplace education and assistance to your employees.
  • Lowest fundraising cost.
    Company-owned campaigns let more money go to the organizations and less to administer the campaign.  

Jump On Board!
Many of today's leading companies own their employee giving campaigns.  They are engaging employees with one simple strategy -- asking employees what their interests are.

These are just a few companies who have branded and own their campaigns:

  • Hallmark
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Lucent
  • Marriott
  • Prudential
  • Sears
  • Siemens
  • Walgreens
For more information on the American Heart Association's Workplace Giving Campaign, please visit our dedicated Web site.