Women of Go Red - Puget Sound

Updated:Jan 6,2015
2015 Go Red For Women Ambassadors
Anju Go Red Seattle
“I am why. I want to be with my family when they laugh or need a shoulder to cry on.”

Like many women, Anju dismissed her symptoms initially and blamed it on lack of exercise and getting older. After all, a recent checkup showed that her health numbers were normal. Then a young friend died of a heart attack and she started listening to her body more closely. Anju noticed breathlessness, nausea, and chest pain while walking or exercising. Thankfully her husband insisted she visit the doctor. Tests showed that one of Anju’s arteries was 99% blocked – a heart attack waiting to happen. She was treated with a stent
Aubra Go Red Seattle
“Being alive is why.”
Aubra and father, George, are both heart survivors. Aubra was born with ventral septal defect – a hole in the heart – and had major heart surgery at the tender age of two. Thanks to the operation, today Aubra lives a normal life and strives to stay healthy. In 2014, her own father faced a heart emergency. George had a heart attack and needed triple bypass surgery. He has recovered well and joined Aubra at the Heart and Stroke Walk as a red cap survivor. 
Brooke Go Red Seattle

“Our future is why.”
Brooke is a popular radio host on MOViN 92.5 ALL THE HITS, injecting fun and laughter into everyone’s day through Brooke & Jubal In The Morning. In 2014 she had her first child – the adorable Norah. Having a child has given her family a real reason to live healthier. Brooke and the radio station have supported Go Red for many years.
Elizabeth Go Red Seattle

“The women in my family are why.”
Many women in Elizabeth’s family have been diagnosed with heart disease, including her mother and grandmother. Elizabeth’s personal connection to the cause and belief in encouraging women and their families to stay healthy prompted her to chair the 2015 Seattle Go Red For Women Luncheon. Elizabeth is Vice President and General Manager of the Boeing 777 program. She is a mechanical and aerospace engineer by training. 
Marni Go Red Seattle

“My family is why.”
Marni became involved with the American Heart Association many years ago, after learning that heart disease runs in her family. Once she found out heart disease is largely preventable, Marni made it a priority to spread the message. Marni is an active wife and mother of three, who makes healthy living part of her family’s daily life. She anchors the evening news on Q13 FOX.