Western States Affiliate Calendar Of Events

Updated:Aug 17,2017

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Get Involved!

Each year, hundreds of events take place across Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. From walking in a Heart Walk to dancing at a Heart Ball, there are many ways to get involved.
And remember, you can always keep track of daily postings on Facebookand Twitter. Check out our WSA Volunteer Resources page. 

If you'd like to find out how else you can help or see if there are any other events happening near you, please contact your local office or fill out our volunteer form.

 DateUpcoming Events Location
August 12, 2017 Oahu Heart and Stroke Walk Honolulu, HI
 September 15, 2017 San Francisco Heart Walk San Francisco, CA
 September 16, 2017 San Diego Heart and Stroke Walk San Diego, CA
 September 16, 2017 San Luis Obispo Heart and Stroke Walk San Luis Obispo, CA
 September 16, 2017 Stanislaus Heart and Stroke Walk Turlock, CA
 September 20, 2017 Redwood City Heart Walk Redwood City, CA
 September 21, 2017 Sacramento State Capital Heart and Stroke Walk Sacramento, CA
 September 23, 2017 Sacramento Community Heart and Stroke Walk Sacramento, CA
 September 23, 2017 Anchorage Heart Walk Anchorage, AK
 September 23, 2017 Pasadena Heart Walk Pasadena, CA
 September 23, 2017 Santa Barbara Heart and Stroke Walk  Santa Barbara, CA
 September 23, 2017 Spokane Heart and Stroke Walk Spokane, WA
 September 23, 2017 Tucson Go Red Luncheon Tucson, AZ
 September 30,2017 San Diego North County Heart and Stroke Walk Oceanside, CA
 September 30, 2017 San Joaquin Heart and Stroke Walk Stockton, CA
 September 30, 2017 Tacoma Heart Walk Tacoma, WA
 October 4, 2017 Greater Portland Go Red For Women Luncheon Portland, OR
 October 8, 2017 Central Coast Heart and Stroke Walk Monterey, CA
 October 8, 2017 San Ramon Heart Walk San Ramon, CA
 October 11, 2017 Oakland Heart Walk Oakland, CA
 October 14, 2017 Seattle Heart and Stroke Walk Seattle, CA
 October 21, 2017 Long Beach Heart Walk Long Beach, CA
 October 21, 2017 Ventura County Heart Walk Ventura, CA
 November 4, 2017 Santa Clarita Heart Walk Santa Clarita, CA
 November 5, 2017 Antelope Valley Heart Walk Palmdale, CA
 November 18, 2017 Phoenix Heart Ball Phoenix, AZ

* If you have questions about one of the above events that does not have a website, please call the local office.